• CBSE Delhi affiliated ,English Medium, Co-Educational, Day cum Borading School. ( Affiliation No-2133155)

Pillars of IDPS


1. Curiosity

Teachers are constantly observant of the fact as to whether their classroom is filled with “The Fascinated” or whether they have a lot of children who seem to be “Avoiders,”.If “avoiders” are struggling with accepting the anxiety that comes with new experiences, we help them by modeling risk-taking, all the time, in our classrooms. For this strategies like solving a math problem on the board or writing a poem, live, in front of the class while sharing all the stops and starts and moments of struggle that occur as you think aloud are regularly practiced.

2. Responsibily

Children learn by imitating what those around them are doing. In IDPS we set the example by having a structured, clean classroom. Completing their tasks and classroom work with a positive attitude and a smile is the prime focus of every class teacher. Children naturally want to help, and seeing teachers do class work with a smile makes them want to imitate their teachers.

3. Courage

Courage is an abstract concept and children often depict it unconsciously and unknowingly in their early childhood.
Our teachers are tuned to teach and enhance this very trait in classrooms during their day to day functioning. During festivals celebrations, skits and competitions, teachers choose acts and examples to highlight courage and bravery in particular.

4. Compassion

The best way to teach children how to be compassionate is to show them how to volunteer. We at IDPS encourage children to donate clothing, clean up the classroom, visit old age homes, and more.
It’s one thing to learn about kindness in the classroom and another to volunteer. Hands-on experience makes volunteering more personal to children and instills in them the desire to help others. All we need to do to get children involved is to be involved ourselves.