Principal Message

The IDPS, Gorakhpur aims to lend its pupils the skills enabling them to encounter the complex problems of today displaying trust for each child by developing their sense of responsibility by theoretical and practical teaching.
We at IDPS, Gorakhpur are very clear about what we want to deliver. We strive to produce young minds who wish to engage with the world of knowledge, minds that are hungry for “more”. It is our considered belief that if the process is right, the results will follow. At the same time, we are committed to develop and enhance “life skill” – the ability to communicate, to lead, to be a team prayer to empathize. And most of all we are committed to produce citizens with a secular global view, citizen who respect and indeed celebrate differences and see differences as unique opportunity to mould a strong nation.
We have common mission to work with commitment and dedication coupled with increased professional skill and shared responsibilities in grooming students in our care into a strong holistic person who, by excelling in academics in co – curricular activities, in technology will be able to grow up to assume responsive leadership roles with a human face and a global outlook thus contributing to the world of humanity.

With Best regards

Mr. Sanjai Singh


International Delhi public School, Gorakhpur