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What’s the Deal with SCHOOL UNIFORMS!!

It’s been an endless debate on whether wearing uniforms to schools should be done away with or not!! There are times when I do honestly feel that uniforms are costly and irrelevant at times, however now I have finally come to the conclusion that a Uniform does make a difference, hence children must wear uniforms to school!

Now there is also the debate over specific uniform policies. In fact, many children have told me about the rewards of wearing a school uniform every day. In this International Delhi Public School blog, I as a mother, teacher, and Principal would like to share my “Take Aways” from this age-old discussion.

Sense of Pride and Belonging

A uniform, especially a smart one, is like yarn, weaving through all the teachers, students, staff, and the community as a whole. Children are really proud to represent their school in public events and a badged blazer is a splendid way to improve their school’s reputation.

Brings out the best behaviour

Many teachers and people have observed that when children are at a public event in their school uniform they tend to be more disciplined and well-behaved. Of course not only does this make things easy for teachers but it makes everyone proud too. A uniform puts a student in a frame of mind which is like a “professional” one, so they behave in a less casual and so-called “COOL” manner. It helps them draw a line between home and school. It reduces the pressure on children to keep up to the latest fashion trends. It has also been observed that on days children go to school in muftis, they tend to become unruly in an attempt to show off.

Breaking Down Barriers

A uniform gets rid of the pressure of deciding “what to wear” for a student every day. This particular factor contributes to a child’s well-being.  It sets in motion a string of positive factors the biggest being the fact that there’s no peer pressure regarding dress, looks, and keeping to the latest trends. A uniform removes the barriers between rich and poor, the plain Janes and the Show Stoppers.

Cost Effective

It is easy for parents to be disillusioned by the initial suggested costs of school uniforms every year.  However if one does look at the wider picture, our research finds that a well-made durable uniform costs significantly less in comparison to ensuring your child has something fancy to wear to school every day. Also if maintained well, and if a child doesn’t outgrow it, a uniform can be used two years in a row. Not only that being the youngest of three sisters I do remember wearing my elder sisters’ pretty clothes and uniforms too. Many parents who still believe in the concept of ‘Five Year Planning’ happily send their children to school in oversized uniforms to spare the added expenses in years to come.

In a nutshell, I favour School Uniforms, what about You???