• CBSE Delhi affiliated ,English Medium, Co-Educational, Day cum Borading School. ( Affiliation No-2133155)

Rule And Regulation

IDPS boarding house is a remarkable place to stay. A home away from home giving an excellent feeling of being a part of large family which comprises of members of different backgrounds, financial status and linguistic differences to stay under one roof and share the feeling of togetherness.

As a part of the school there are following guidelines for the students.

(a) They must arrange their luggage in their cupboard only after marking their BD No. on it.

(b) Lock their cupboard with a ped. Lock and keep the keys safely in their custody.

(c) They can communicate with their parents twice in a week. Once on Skype as per schedule and secondly on phone on Saturday/Sunday.

(d) They are allowed to watch TV as per the daily schedule and once in a week on every ‘Saturday’ a movie will be shown to them.

(e) No child is supposed to keep any electronic gadgets such as mobile phone, ipod, electric rod for warm water.

(f) In the school CDH, we provide nutritive food as well as snacks. Apart from that they are not allowed to keep any eatable item with them. They can only keep dry fruits as per the instructions.

(g) Each and every thing in the boarding house is for their use, so they must take care of everything. Any kind of breakage to the things given to them will be charged from their personal accounts.

(h) We assure to provide them best of pastoral and medical care but in return it is expected that they must show a desirable behavior and attitude. Hostel staff should be given respect and they must obey their instructions.

(i) Their parents can meet them only on the dates mentioned in the calendar. They can meet with their parents in the school premises only.

(j) They are supposed to wear school uniform(s) at different times. Only in the night they are allowed to wear their home dress.

(k) They are not supposed to wear any kind of jewellery item such as chain, Kada or ear rings. Hair cut will be taken as per the instructions of the housemaster.