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How to deal with Exam Stress?

 That old familiar pit in your gut that reminds you exams are knocking at the door. While some people would vouch that a little bit of anxiousness and pressure can be helpful around exam time, science suggests otherwise.


When under stress cortisol is released by our brain at high levels, which impairs rational thinking. Hence it is of prime importance that we remain stress-free. Now, having said that, it’s easier said than done, we dare confess.


we would however like to share certain tips that might help youngsters deal with exam stress.


1. Categorise everything you can that is related to your studies. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Follow a revision chart for all subjects. This will help you understand how much time you need to allot to each topic, according to each subject. You’ll also be able to ensure you’ve covered all the important topics in this way. As you complete a topic colour it with your favourite highlighter, it’ll give you a sense of victory as you overcome a milestone. Also, make a ‘To Do’ list every day. Try not to have too many spillovers. Don’t forget to put breaks and treats in your schedule.


2. We can't stress enough the fact that it is an absolute MUST that you maintain a healthy lifestyle. You must eat healthy, exercise, and drink lots of water along with getting sufficient sleep. You might find it hard to believe but exercise is a great stress buster because it releases the happy hormone called endorphins. Skipping, jogging, dancing, and even just walking can be great exercises. It has also been proven that healthy snacking reduces stress and increases brain power. 


3. Okay, now here comes the tough part, give up your phones and take a break from Social Media before and during exams. This might end up being the hardest thing to do but it is the most important, and no argument in the world can prove otherwise.


4. Be kind to yourself. There is just this much that you can do last minute. You’ve been the one to waste time all year round, correct, you are the one responsible for the tight spot you’re in right now, correct again! However, beating yourself up about it now is not going to help. When it comes to dealing with exam stress, it's important to not give yourself such a hard time. We know you're doing your best and that's the best you can do!


5. One of the best ways to build confidence before exams and deal with stress is to practice – and practice and practice again. The main reason you’re stressed out is because of the ‘unknown’. So, look up past papers, and solve practice papers and mock tests. When not in the mood to study you can hear or watch revision lectures on YouTube.



6. If you feel you are a slow writer and you are afraid of leaving questions unanswered, practice writing mock tests in the stipulated time. There’s unfortunately no shortcut to dealing with this problem. Take time management seriously and don’t be lenient with yourself. When practicing mock exam questions, be strict with yourself over timing. Make sure you don't run over the amount of time you're allowed in the exam. While testing yourself make a mental note of how much time you need to allot to which section of questions. It will help to seek assistance from your teachers regarding this. They are the best ones to tell you the expected word count for a particular answer, the pattern in which to arrange your points and the steps which you must NOT miss. If you can push yourself to do the required practice NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING can come in your way of acing the exams.


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